Brilliant: the posters of Felix Pfäffli / by Zan Barnett


While surfing around the internet I came across maybe my new favorite design studio, Studio Feixen. Their incredible portfolio led me to discover Felix Pfäffli, one half of Studio Feixen who designs some of the most badass posters I have ever seen. Monotype has an incredible article about his amazing posters, and author Emma Tucker sums up Pfäffli's work very well:

Designer Felix Pfäffli’s vibrant posters are a cry for typographic rebellion, using expertly manipulated letterforms to prove that rules are there to be broken. 

For this mini blurb I wanted to focus on Felix Pfäffli’s posters for Sudpol, a multi-purpose cultural center in Kriens, Switzerland. From 2010 to 2015, Felix designed ALL the posters for Sudpol's events, and the results are indicative of the amazing things that happen when a client fully trusts a designer to go crazy. Bending form and legibility, these posters are nothing short of gorgeous.

I'm gonna stop typing and just highlight these things because HOLY SHIT, look at em!

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And that's not even close to all of them. Anyway, I hope you dig the brilliance of Felix Pfäffli as much as I did. Studio Feixen also did one of my favorite projects of all time. Europeans are SMART!