An Introduction to my Brain / by Zan Barnett


Hey friends!

Here’s the scoop about this blog:

My name is Zan Barnett. I’m a 27-year-old graphic designer and I really like to think and talk about design (with other thoughts mixed in). I grew up in beautiful Utah and graduated from the Tyler School of Art with a Master’s Degree in Design last year, but now that I am out of school, I don’t have a ton of homies in my immediate circle that I can share my thoughts about Eddie Opara and ball-serifs with. So my goal is to just throw them out to the world and hopefully create awesome conversations with people that want to catch them.

Hopefully I’ll get to shit like:

Why I think European design is brilliant,
Why arbitrarily rounding the edges of letterforms is not chill,
Agencies that are kicking ass,
Helvetica (one way or another),
Why I love Armin Vit,
Dope things I found this week,
Optical vs. mathematical kerning,
Are sports monograms tight?

That’s a quick stream of consciousness but I think it’s a good place to start. I also read a ton of articles and interviews that I am blown away by and want to share (maybe with a few thoughts tacked on) and I am excited to get rolling with this platform to connect to other designers, creatives, and genuinely inspired people.

I like to write, but I’m not great at it. So starting with this very post, on this very blog (written on October 4, 2017, posted who-knows-when) I will be sharing the occasional ridiculous, hopefully insightful thoughts I have about design, letterforms, and really anything that hits me in the heartstrings one way or another.

This is the shit I think is cool, hopefully you will think some of it is too.