Hey friends!
I'm Zan Barnett. I love design & positive energy.

Also: solving problems, brilliant concepts, Utah, anything unequivocally unique, writing occasionally, all things Italian, skateboarding, Michael Beirut, phenomenal adjectives, syllables, the Chicago Cubs, freezing-cold beers, talking to smart people, listening to smarter people, using Oxford commas, and looking at letterforms.

Not in that order.



I’m currently working as Creative Director for Best Nest Wellness - a truly brilliant & authentic company poised to become even more incredible in the very near future.

I've worked with: Rodan + Fields, Wunderman, Nintendo, Temple University, Alpha Skincare, Vitamix, Diebold Nixdorf, Louisiana Tech University, Prell Shampoo, Salt Lake Community College, and a bunch of other clients. 

I'm fast as lightning and friendly as fuck and I’m always down for the occasional short-term freelance project if the vibes are right as well. Feel free to hit me up.

Also; I’d like to use design to change the world.